Ashtanga Classes Schedule

What's going on?

Mysore (Self Practice)
For all levels of students. Especially for beginners
Class is in the same format as those taught in Mysore, India. Students of different levels practice together, each working individually on the series or therapeutic loop of postures that is appropriate, with adjustments and input from the teacher. This form of “self practice” is at the root of the Ashtanga tradition. You may arrive and depart at any time during a Mysore class (except during the last ten minutes). Practice as long as you wish and leave when you are finished.

Self (Community) Practice
The teacher is practicing alongside the students. He is not teaching or helping students. You have an opportunity to continue your practice there as it goes seamless with morning Mysore class. For established practitioners of all levels.

Led Primary Series
For students with the basic understanding of Primary series. Not for beginners
This class is the entire Primary Series of the Ashtanga system taught in a guided format with alternative and transitional postures provided when needed.

Private lesson
For all levels of students
For those who wish to work on a one-on-one basis to improve the existing practice. Ask the teacher about this option.

I want to join your Mysore class. How should I start?